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Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry descisions can be the most fustrating choices you make for your kitchen.  Cabinets have a big impact on your budget as well as how your kitchen looks.  They're the first things you see when you walk in your kitchen and have a large influence on the whole "feel" of the room.  Kitchen's by  Pohl offers a not so budget breaking option with their pre-manufactured cabinets.  Our in house designer can help you budget so you know what you are getting for your money.  We have expertise in explaining the differences in construction and materials and how those elements impact their quaility and durability. Our in house designer can assist with choosing wood grains and door styles, and gather information about how you use your kitchen and how much storage space you need.  The best decisions start with good planning.  This leaves you the fun stuff like choosing colors, exterior hardware and other options.   Pohl uses their own employee's for installation therefore any hiccups along the way can be amended easily. 


Kitchen Couture – Semi-Custom Cabinetry for Keeping Your Kitchen Chic

Your kitchen and its décor is central to the stylistic persona of your house. It can be a tricky and frustrating process trying to get the look of this crucial room right.
When you walk into a kitchen, one of the most standout objects when it comes to décor are the cabinets – these storage areas are not only necessary for functionality, but also significant in bringing together the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Kitchen & Bath Cabinets By Pohl is where you’ll find what you’re looking for! Our highly qualified and supremely experienced cabinet makers are the ones to go to for the best in modern design for kitchen cabinets in Naples, FL.

Not everyone has the finances needed to get fully customized cabinetry, so we provide clients with the budget friendly option of semi-custom cabinets. Not only does it cut back on costs, it saves a lot of time too!

It’s All About the Variety!

With us, you will never be left in want for choices in the design, color, or style of kitchen cabinetry!
You can discuss the kind of hardwood, the sort of grain, and color options that go best with the entire feel of your kitchen. Our in-house semi-custom kitchen cabinet designers help you with that.
They work alongside you from one point in the process to another, ensuring that the final product is fitted to match all your specifications. The choices are so varied and numerous, that each client is bound to find something that suits their very own unique taste.

Going for a rustic look? Invest in Rustic Alder, a soft hardwood that is marred with slight imperfections to give it a simple charm.

Looking for something a bit more offbeat and unusual? Then Anigre is the perfect choice with its distinctive patterns and unusual color variations.

The next time you’re looking to get some kitchen re-modeling done and need some quality kitchen cabinets designed just for you, you know where to go!

Visit our showroom to take stock of the standard of products we provide, or call us to get a free consultation with one of our creative designers to get started on the remodeling process!