Here Are Some Fantastic Ideas For Your Laundry Room Remodeling!

Here Are Some Fantastic Ideas For Your Laundry Room Remodeling! WebDrafter July 7, 2017
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Home owners spend majority of their time in the laundry room yet why are these spaces approached as an afterthought? Especially when it comes to laundry room remodeling! Yes, their laundry rooms don’t really have a standard size, shape or layout. Yes, they can be built in awkward and cramped areas of the house (usually the basement) but did you know laundry room remodeling can potentially increase your home’s value?

This is an important reason why you should consider laundry room remodeling as your next home improvement project. How to start?

Think Of the Location

Basements offer extra space without having to construct a home extension. This is one reason why homeowner’s prefer building the laundry room in their basement. There are other and better locations for your laundry room, such as:

  • Near basement’s entry
  • An extension of the mudroom
  • Close to the dressing room
  • In the kitchen

Keep in Mind

Nature of this room means there can be flooding so you will have to waterproof the laundry room floors. Also take into consideration high noise levels and your own convenience.

The Room Itself

Remember to build or remodel your laundry room with all comforts of a finished home in place. Add carpeting if you are turning part of your basement into a laundry room. Also think about ventilation as laundry rooms can quickly become uncomfortably steamy. Build a window showing an incredible outside view which will make difficult laundry chores, easy and bearable.

Make your job easier by thinking what to do about:


Doing laundry is mostly about sorting clothes by dirty/clean, color, and material. Placing color coded bins in your laundry rooms will make sorting different loads of laundry easier. You can also designate a bin for clothes that need mending, dry-cleaned and/or ready to be donated.

Folding and Ironing

It is easier to get done with folding cleaned clothes, when freshly out of the dryer. Since you will also have to iron certain clothes, it’s better to have a folding and ironing place in the laundry room. Don’t have enough space? Building custom wood cabinets in your laundry room is a good solution to lesser spacing issue. It can be built right next to your dryer to increase convenience.

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