Thinking about Kitchen Remodel? Here’s 5 Trends you should watch for

Thinking about Kitchen Remodel? Here’s 5 Trends you should watch for WebDrafter May 19, 2016

kitchen with dark brown custom cabinetsHome renovations can be the most stressful tasks, but only if you don’t know where to start. Since you’re here at Kitchen Cabinetry of Naples, we know that you’re already on the right path. With high quality materials and designs on offer, we present stylish solutions to make your home a better place. And to ensure that you are indeed in good hands, we present here the top 5 kitchen cabinetry trends that are sweeping the remodeling industry.

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinetry Trends in 2016

1.     Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Mid century modern kitchens use the sumptuous look of walnut to give a traditional yet functional look to the whole room. Although walnut is already used extensively to provide a sleek minimalist look, the use of walnut in dark color lends an element of warmth and hominess to the kitchen. Along with being a blend of traditional and modern, this look does away with the extra intricacies that most kitchen cabinets have, and instead focuses more on a clean, simple and functional design- one which is beautiful as well as durable.

2.     Less Frills

Present-day kitchens are increasingly embracing the much simpler look, and are opting more for bold clean lines instead of fussing over elaborate details. However, this isn’t just something that modern kitchens are reflecting. Even with traditional designers, kitchen cabinetmakers are now focusing on more important key elements such as hoods, islands and cabinet crowns etc. As such, homeowners are getting cabinets that are not only more strategically placed, but less overwhelming for the eyes as well.

3.     Peek-a-boo Look

Glass-front cabinet doors are quite ‘in’ right now, especially for those cabinets that go from wall-to-wall. Glass-front cabinets create a sense of space in small kitchens, and allow light to filter through without necessarily bringing in any dust. This design is often paired with a soft muted color palette so that the room can look light and fresh without any element hindering the look.

4.     Lighter Shades

Not only for cabinetry, but this trend is actually being used extensively for home décor as well. Muted shades in colors of blue, green and yellow pastel are being used to create a sense of softer backgrounds. Contrasted with a dark piece of furniture, this theme is bringing in a wide range of colors and décor opportunities for interior designers. And although the standard white is still the most classic option, this selection of muted colors is creating a more versatile option for those who feel reluctant to make any major changes in their home surroundings.

5.     Smart Spacing

Storage is always a problem in kitchens, especially for those who like to keep the counter accessories to a minimum. Now, kitchen cabinets are being fixed with a lazy Susan, built-in spice racks, cutlery trays, adjustable shelves and different door panels as well to save time and give more space. Paired with concealed hinges for dexterity and a sleek look, kitchen cabinets are not only becoming more hi-tech but are also taking the term timeless to a new level.

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